Cologne Christmas Markets in Germany

Christmas is just around the corner and this year I decided to visit the beautiful Cologne Christmas markets in Germany. I had never been to this beautiful city and visiting during the Christmas season was really a winning move!

I love Christmas and Cologne made me live unique emotions thanks to the thousands of decorations, lights, scents, colours and flavours. Everything brought back to a magical Christmas atmosphere. In short, it was a wonderful trip and I suggest you don’t miss the beautiful Cologne during this period. But be aware, it is very cold, so cover yourself well!

How did I spend my three days in Cologne? Here’s what I visited!

Cologne Cathedral

cologne cathedral with christmas market
Cologne Cathedral

From Cologne airport I reached the city center by the S-Bahn 19 train towards Düren, Ehrenfeld or Horrem. It is definitely the cheapest, fastest and most comfortable method. In just 20 minutes I was out of the Köln Hbf station and near the cathedral. Its two 157-meter-high cusped towers made me feel very small. Did you know that it is the third tallest church in the world? A splendid example of Gothic architecture, it was added to the UNESCO World Heritage list in 1996.

The interior of the Duomo is beautiful and admission is free. Be aware of the long queues for the internal visit, especially on weekends. I arrived 20 minutes before opening time and the queue was already very long, but the wait is worth it just to visit its beautiful interior. 

Christmas markets at the Cologne Cathedral

christmas market of cologne cathedral

It is held in Roncalliplatz right at the foot of the Cathedral. The presence of a huge Christmas tree that has the beautiful cathedral as a backdrop offers a breathtaking view. Here I was able to enjoy some good live Christmas music, hot mulled wine and lots of stalls selling sweets and crafts.

Hohenzollern Bridge (Love Lock Bridge)

cologne cathedral and hohenzollern bridge view
Hohenzollern bridge

Just a 5 minute walk from the Cathedral is this beautiful Bridge that crosses the Rhine River accessible only to rail and foot traffic. For a few years now, couples in love have been attaching love locks to the fence between the sidewalk and the railway lines and then throwing the keys into the Rhine. I didn’t expect to find so many locks! Thousands of thousands! That’s why it’s called so, a truly romantic destination!

hohenzollern bridge

Beyond the bridge there is the modern part of the city with skyscrapers and houses made of glass. An area really very different from the typical pointy houses of the old town.

Alter markt Christmas markets

christmas market cologne altermarkt
Entry of Alter markt Christmas markets

There is a spectacular market on the Alter Mark, perhaps the most scenic. Beautiful the ferris wheel for children and especially the lanterns on the trees. Here I tasted the famous Curry Wurst, the most loved street food by Germans.

christmas market ferris wheel carousel
curry wurst germany street food
Curry Wurst

Heumarkt Christmas markets

christmas market in cologne heumarkt
Entry of Heumarkt Christmas markets

Here is where there is a beautiful skating rink and I tasted for the first time the delicious Kartoffelpuffer, fried potato and onion pancakes served with a sweet fruit-based sauce.

ice skating at heumarkt christmas market cologne
ice skating in christmas market in cologne
kartoffelpuffer with potato and onion

Angels’ markets in Neumarkt

christmas market cologne

It is located in the shopping district of Cologne, near the Church of the Holy Apostles. Here the food is the master! Street food of all kinds! In this market I tasted the delicious Kolner Spekulatius (typical spicy cookies) and the delicious Pretzels.

biscuits spekulatius in germany
Kolner Spekulatius

Nicholas Village in Rudolfplatz

radolfplatz christmas market cologne
christmas market cologne

Located near the Hahnen Gate, a XIII century gate in Cologne’s ancient medieval walls. Set against a fascinating historical backdrop with a castle behind it.

Heavenue Christmas markets

heavenue christmas market

Pop-art style market filled to the brim with colourful stalls, known as The Gay Market. It is held in the square between Hahnenstrasse and Shaafnenstrasse.

Cologne Harbour Christmas markets

chocolate museum in cologne

A charming medieval market held right at the foot of the Chocolate Museum. Ship-shaped stalls, a Ferris wheel with a view of the Rhine River and lots of craft stores. Fabrics, decorative plates, wood, and so much more.

Hohe Straße

christmas market germany cologne
hohe strasse in cologne

If you decide to visit Cologne, you absolutely cannot miss a walk through the main shopping street Hohe Straße in the historic center. Full of galleries, stores, perfumeries and lots of restaurants. I walked down this street both in the morning and in the evening to appreciate the beauty of the Christmas lights. Really amazing, I especially loved the side signs of the stores that made the street look very modern.

And if you want to know more, check out my vlog on YouTube too! I’ll be waiting for you!

A big hug, Tonia.

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