How to REINVENT your lifestyle? The answer is very simple: get out of your comfort zone and follow these simple steps!!!

With this article I want to share with you the steps I am following that are really working to improve my lifestyle. These are 3 simple steps to execute and they will help you be more productive and therefore get the life you want. But now I’m going to break it down for you!

1 Visualize

visualize and write your goals of life

The first step is to visualize the life you want! Visualizing and taking notes is essential to clarify your ideas and to really understand who you are, what you want, what you like and who you want to become. Take some time to think and begin to visualize how you want to live your days. I suggest you write down the flow of your thoughts, arm yourself with pen and paper and answer these simple questions:

Where are you in your life right now?
What do you enjoy and appreciate about your life? (We often forget to be grateful for what we have and all the things that bring us joy).

What aspects of your lifestyle do you dislike? What could you do to improve them?

Describe a day in your ideal life.

Where do you want to be in 2-5 years? How would you like to be?

Ideally, you should spend two to three minutes each day visualising your goals so that you always have them in mind. This will help you eliminate confusion and regain determination, especially on those days when you feel unmotivated and need a boost to keep going.

In a nutshell: If we forget the life we want, we certainly cannot take action to achieve it.

2 Planning

writing your goals on a diary

Once you have visualised and noted the goals that will lead you to the life you desire, you can move on to Phase 2. In this phase you need to plan a Concrete Action Plan. Concrete because it really has to be something feasible for you.

Unfortunately, many of us tend to wish for our dream life without making a real plan to achieve it.

But how do you implement a concrete action plan?

Here’s how I do it:

For each of your goals write down at least 3 daily actions that aim to achieve it and that you can easily include in your daily routine.

bike and nature for healthy lifestyle

For these actions to become real long-term habits, it is essential that they are something easy for you to follow and not a sacrifice.

Plan how much time you are going to spend on that action and when you are going to do it during the day, so that you always do it at the same time and don’t forget. In the long run that action will become a good daily habit that you can’t do without.

computer planning calendar

Let’s take an example:

The first goal in your life is to maintain good general health, so in that case what daily habits could you develop? They might be:

  • Drink a glass of water as soon as you wake up
  • A smoothie of fresh seasonal fruits and vegetables as a snack
  • 30 minutes walking or cycling
fresh fruits are healthy food

Simple actions but done every day. Within 6 months you will have achieved incredible results, thanks to the constancy of doing simple things every day, instead of imposing great sacrifices and risking not being constant and falling into frustration. 

Let’s take another example, if one of your goals is to adopt a lifestyle that allows you to be more productive you might:

  • Take 30 minutes to sort and organize your spaces
  • Take a few minutes to choose the outfit you’ll wear the next day
  • Turn off your cell phone for a few hours during the day

The basic idea is very simple, it’s about developing simple habits to do every day that don’t bring you stress. The secret is consistency, with consistency you can improve your routine and lifestyle over time.

So in a nutshell you have to ask yourself: What little thing could I do every single day to be where I want to be and achieve my dream life?

3 Take action

Now that we have our concrete plan of action we can move on to the third and final step, putting it into practice!

action and motivation for healthy lifestyle

One of the reasons we fail to achieve our dream life is because many times we get stuck at the first two stages (visualization and planning), but we never enter the final stage, that is, putting into action what we have planned. So we don’t enter into Action.

If we don’t act, obviously we won’t be able to make any improvement, and all of this will remain only in our minds and desires. So although it is essential to have a plan to follow, it will be necessary to act and put it into practice in reality to improve. 

planning and writing blog tonia napolano

You shouldn’t expect results if you keep doing the same things over and over again. If you want your life to change you need to do things differently.

It’s just as important to make things to do as easy as possible for you:

Example 1 : If you want to do pilates before bed, place the mat at the foot of the bed.

Example 2: If you want to use your phone more consciously, use time management in the settings.

gym motivation and pilates

A good idea is to share this article with a friend so you can begin this journey together. Analyzing your progress together over time will serve to encourage each other and to not give up. Or you could share your progress with an online community. 

By writing this article myself, I am empowering myself and becoming even more aware of my goals and knowing that you are reading this, I feel even more determined to accomplish them.

 If you want you can share your progress with me, leave a comment and actively participate in your and my change. This will make yourself more accountable and help you take it more seriously.

If this article was interesting I invite you on my YouTube channel to watch my video! Bye for now, see you next article!

A big hug, Tonia

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