About me

Hi! I’m Tonia, welcome to my little space where you’ll see my outfits, my fun travels, my favourite products, my beauty tips and tricks, parts of my home, in short, a little bit of everything about me. I hope to inspire you but most of all I hope to infect you with my energy and positivity.

What is the purpose of my blog? And what topics do I write about?

  • Tell you about my experiences and my simple natural beauty solutions with their pros and cons, to help you discover your full beauty, accept and love yourself.
  • Use all my knowledge of physiotherapy to leave you with some interesting tips on physical well-being
  • Inspire you through my outfits and give you some ideas to bring out your style.
  • Tell you about my travels and give you some useful tips if you want to go on one yourself.
  • Giving you essential motivational and reflective insights that can help you improve your lifestyle, productivity and optimism, in doing so I hope to bring out your true potential because we are worth much more than we think.
  • Suggest some interesting recipes that are healthy but also very tasty, because it is not true that only things rich in sugar and fat are tasty.
  • To bring a smile to your face when you need it, because otherwise what are friends for?
health, shine and soft hair with acide rinse

Let’s get to know each other better: my passions

  • Traveling! It makes me feel free and largely succeeds in satiating my curiosity.
  • I love to cook! I consider food a nourishment for body and mind and I prefer fresh and healthy products.
  • I care a lot about beauty in general and pay special attention to skin and hair care.
  • Passionate about personal growth, I work on myself continuously to improve my mindset.
  • Fashion! Who doesn’t love fashion! I love shoes, clothes, bags and accessories, especially winter items.
writing and reading are good natural remedies against insomnia

For whom I write:

  • For people of all ages who are open-minded, curious and want to be the protagonist of their own lives.
  • For people who like to read simple advice that can be applied in everyday life and is useful in a path of personal growth.
  • For people who are always looking for ideas, inspiration and optimism.
  • For those who want to share their thoughts and advice.